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Small and large electrical renovations 

ACS-SÄHKÖ offers both small and large electrical renovations for all kinds of locations. You can order from us, for example, a comprehensive electrical renovation of an old detached house, where we renew the electrical center and cabling, or, for example, the replacement of individual sockets and light switches.

A carefully planned and implemented electrical renovation increases the ease of use and living in the object, extends the life cycle of the electrical systems and improves safety.

Electrical renovation can also be carried out conveniently, for example, in connection with a surface repair, in which case the electrical wires can be hidden and the end result is stylish and finished.  

Electric Cables

Our service

Services include e.g. the following works with accessories

  • Expansion, modification and repair work of electrical installations in renovation sites

  • Small electrical installations of new buildings such as garages/storage buildings, summer cottages, etc. with plans

  • Electrical installations related to kitchen renovations

  • Electrical installations related to renovations of washing and sauna facilities

  • Electrical equipment installations

  • Yard lighting installations

  • Repairs of electrical faults

  • Antenna and data network installations

A skilled and experienced electrician carries out the installations so that the work is of high quality and the installations are safe and in accordance with the regulations.

Comprehensive electrical contracting

We offer you our versatile expertise in the electrical field as well as our interest and interest in the field. Our electricians are trained and experienced workers in the field, and we have all the relevant certificates for the safe and high-quality implementation of electrical work.

We take care of the electrical contracting of your property from the beginning of the planning phase to the end, right up to the installation of the last socket. We guarantee the high quality of our work even in demanding locations.

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