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  • Electrical installations 

  • Installations of charging points for electric cars

  • home appliance installations

Many kinds of skills!

Installations of charging points for electric cars

Electrical renovations and designs

Transportation and installation of household appliances

Teho Group Oy:
Welcome to Teho Group Oy's official website!

We are a versatile company that offers high-quality services in various fields.

Our company consists of three subsidiary names that serve in their specialized areas.
Get to know our names of helpers below and find the service you need:

1.Acs electricity:
Acs-sähkö specializes in electrical installations and offers high-quality electrical services to our customers.

Our professional team ensures that electrical installations are performed reliably and safely.

Regardless of whether you need a new electrical system installed, serviced or repaired,

Acs electricity is here to help you.

2. Installation of an electric car charging point:
SALAS focuses on the installation of charging stations for electric cars.

We know that electric cars are constantly growing in popularity, which is why we offer a professional installation service that ensures our customers can charge their electric cars easily and efficiently.

Trust Teholataus' expertise in installing electric car charging stations and enjoy the ease of using your electric vehicle.

3. Home appliance masters:
Kodinkonemestarit offers high-quality home appliance installation services.

We know that a properly installed home appliance guarantees its best possible operation and durability.

Our reliable and professional team takes care of home appliance installations with professionalism and precision. Whether it's a dishwasher, refrigerator or oven, you can rely on the installation services of Kodinkonemasters.

We are proud of the services we offer and are committed to offering our customers only the best.

Get to know each of our auxiliary names in more detail through our website and contact us when you need professional help in matters of our field. Thank you for choosing

Teho Group Oy's services!


Electrical work

For all kinds of electrical installations! 


We offer a wide range of excellent services to meet our customers' electricity and energy needs.

About us.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality services and believe that commitment to excellence and attention to detail are the keys to our success and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you achieve your electronic goals.


Electrical installations:


We offer comprehensive electrical solutions for buildings, homes, apartments and factories, and we guarantee high quality and complete safety in all installations.


Solar panels:


We strive for greater sustainability by offering solar panel installation and maintenance services, supporting renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Engineering plans:


Our specialized engineering team is ready to provide accurate and excellent engineering plans, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for projects.

Electrical work for many types of buildings

Terraced houses

Townhouses have several apartments that share common walls. Electrical work for these properties usually includes the installation and maintenance of lighting in common areas such as hallways and parking lots. In addition, we take into account special requirements, such as common electricity meters, security systems and alarms. Electrical systems must work seamlessly in each apartment, taking into account the individual needs of each apartment.

Apartment buildings

Complexity is accentuated in apartment buildings due to the high number of residents and several floors. Our services include electrical work for elevators, common spaces such as lobbies and gyms, and the interior of each apartment. Fire safety systems, video surveillance and other security arrangements are also important.

Detached houses

In the electrical work of single-family houses, the focus is on individual solutions, because every home is unique. The work may include lighting, heating systems, air conditioning, security systems and outdoor lighting. Special attention is paid to the wishes and needs of the home owner in order to achieve an optimal and functional electrical system.

What customers say about us!

The electric and installation of the oven went quickly. Good and friendly service.

Jan Hohenthal

Professional, good and friendly service. I highly recommend!

Pauliina Kauppila

Installation of a washing machine.
Easy online appointment booking, very appointments available for the next day.
The plumber called and asked about the possibility of coming to do the work before the agreed time in connection with another gig, this was a good fit.
Still announced his result before arrival.
Very friendly, fast and professional service.
6/5 service.

Tuomas S

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